Our Story

At the beginning of my health and wellness journey, I too tried a number of gyms, programs, and classes in order to discover something that worked for me. I learned that for me, there was not one strict method that worked. I like variety and I love learning new ways of doing things. Every coach, class, or program I have encountered has taught me something different. Ultimately, it’s what has pushed me both towards wanting to help people, and to invest in myself and my work through continued education.

As Meridian Health & Wellness, I strive to foster a balanced approach to a stronger version of you, in all areas of life! Your total health and wellness stop is here.

Have you just set on your journey to self-improvement and not sure where to start? Have you been journeying for a long time and looking for where to turn next? Or do you have little time in your busy schedule to commit to wellness practices and exercise? I’m here to help, so let’s get started.